House Captains

House Captains 2022-23

In Key Stage 2 we have House Captains (Year 6) and Vice-Captains (Year 5) for each house we have – Oak, Maple, Willow and Rowan.  They are role models for other children in school – this is their primary role.  They are known to everyone in school by their photos on our House Boards (Top and Bottom Hall) and by wearing their House Captain Badges.  They have a number of key roles in school – showing visitors around, collecting House Points, representing school, etc.

Our House Captains this year are:

Hannah (Rowan), Alyssia (Maple), Lilly-Anne (Oak) and Miley-Mae (Willow)

Our Vice Captains this year are:

Ava-Leigh (Rowan) Krystal (Maple) Zuzanna (Oak) Shane (Willow)