Eco Warriors

Eco-Warriors 2022-23

In Key Stage 2 we have Eco-Warriors.  They are role models for other children in school – this is their primary role.  They are known to everyone in school by their photos on our Eco-Warrior Display Board and by wearing their Eco-Warrior Badges.  They have another key role in school and this is learning about (and then sharing) environmental issues – such as – Transport, Waste, Water, Litter, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Global Perspective, Energy and Bio-Diversity.  They make sure children their environmental message is shared on the Eco-Warrior Notice Board!  Our Eco-Warriors meet with Mrs Hutchings and Mrs Park every 2-3 weeks to discuss the theme they will be taking on.

Our Eco-Warriors this year are:

Class 7: Dolly

Class 8: Nicholas
Class 9: Krystal

Class 10: Aisla

Class 11:  Enzo Class 12:  Ruby-Jean
Class 13:  Mason Class 14:  Connor
Class 15:  Layla-Rose  

As a ‘thank you’ for all of their hard work, we have some treats when we meet!  At the end of the year there might be a special treat for all of their hard work!

Mrs Hutchings and Mrs Park