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At Middleton Primary school we intend to build a curriculum that;

  • Equips children with skills that allows them to produce creative, imaginative artwork that reflects their experiences of the world.
  • As pupils learn about the history, roles and functions of art, they can explore the impact that it has on contemporary life and that of different times and cultures.
  • Delivers high-quality art and design education that inspires, engages and challenges children - enabling pupils to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form and pattern.


This is delivered by;

  • Teaching art regularly. The children will cover an art topic at least once every other term and will also have additional opportunities to engage with art and design activities throughout the school year.
  • Teaching children about artists from all over the world, present and past.
  • Ensuring that each child develops their skills and techniques in a way appropriate to them, through clear differentiation and support, active and purposeful experiences, and using a variety of art materials and teaching strategies.
  • Fostering an appreciation and enjoyment for all different art forms.
  • Utilising a sketchbook approach, so that children feel safe to experiment and take risks, without the fear of doing something “wrong”.
  • Openly promoting art and design as a possible further study or career choice.
  • Encouraging each child to evaluate their art and design work and that of others, both with peers and adults.
  • Celebrating effort, progress and achievement in art through displays, exhibitions and enrichment activities, such as trips out and competitions.

Art Cycle


Children will visibly enjoy the subject, displaying confidence and enthusiasm. Children will be able to talk about the journey and processes they encountered when evaluating their work. Children will be able to discuss career links. Children will improve and embed a range of artistic skills.

Art & Design Progression Document