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Physical Activity

Physical Activity is a broad term referring to all bodily movement that uses energy. It includes all forms of physical education, sports and dance activities. However, it is wider than this, as it also includes indoor and outdoor play, work-related activity, outdoor and adventurous activities, active travel (e.g. walking, cycling, rollerblading, scooting) and routine, habitual activities such as using the stairs, doing housework and gardening.

At Middleton Primary School, we look to at active elements to many of our lessons including brain breaks like the Daily Dash and practising timetables with Supermovers. We also look to get the children moving within class to enhance their learning.

We like to take our lessons outside and use the outside classroom and we are lucky enough to have our very own Forest School! We also like to be active on our trips like den building at Ledston Estate.

Physical Education

Physical Education is the planned, progressive learning that takes place in school curriculum timetabled time and which is delivered to all pupils. This involves both ‘learning to move’ (i.e. becoming more physically competent) and ‘moving to learn’ (e.g. learning through movement, a range of skills and understandings beyond physical activity, such as co-operating with others).

The context for the learning is physical activity, with children experiencing a broad range of activities, including sport and dance. Across the school, the children at Middleton Primary School learn the fundamentals of sports through Agility, Balance and Coordination. We learn how to ‘Attack and Defend’ through Invasion Games like football, netball and rugby and Net and Wall games like tennis; ‘Throw and Catch’ through striking and fielding games like cricket and rounders; moving rhymically in space and time through dance and working on strength, balance and flexibility, through gymnastics.

School Sports

School Sports is the structured learning that takes place beyond the curriculum, this includes after school clubs. The ‘school sport’ programme has the potential to develop and broaden the foundation learning that takes place in physical education. As part of the Wells Schools Partnership, we take part in many sports against other schools. These pathways can lead to a higher levels of competition and forms a vital link with ‘community sport and activity’.

  • This year, we have a school football team completing in the South Leeds League, where they will complete regular league fixtures home and away against some local teams throughout the year.
  • The Year 4s will be learning skipping drills to practise and compete in a festival later in the year.
  • We entered a Year 4 girls, Year 4 boys, Year 5 girls and Year 5 boys into a Cross-Country event at Middleton Park on 25th November. Despite the cold weather, all the children tried their best, having never run on such as an undulating grass course but did not make the top 3 teams. However, Ruby-Jean Harper (Year 4) finished 6th and qualified for the next round. Well done Ruby.
  • We include everyone in sport and recently (30th November) took a team to an Inclusive Sports Hall Athletics event at John Charles Sports Centre. The children we able to try many different elements of Sports Hall Athletics

Rackets Cubed Intervention

Sporting Events

Daily Dash

Part of being an Active School, we do the Daily Dash. This involves the whole school being active for 10 mins every morning. We do shuttles of sprinting, hopscotch, jumping, walking lunges, side steps and many more. The children love it and are improving at the skills they are learning.


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